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Thread: Overactive let down without oversupply?

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    Default Overactive let down without oversupply?

    Could I have an over active let down but not an oversupply?

    My LO is 6 weeks old and breastfeeding has not gone well for that last 3 weeks. I've been seeing a LC and trying all her tricks and nothing is working.

    When I get a let down while not nursing I leak pretty bad, it just drips out of me. If that hasn't happened already and I put her on to nurse, the let down she gets is pretty forceful. She gulps, tries to catch her breath and comes off. Then its dripping out of me and once in a while spraying. She then goes back on and drinks for only a couple more minutes and then just stops. Then she either gets supper fussy and cries while on the breast and pulls and tugs OR she basically shuts down and falls into a deep sleep that I cannot wake her up from. I burp her often and usually even after just a couple minutes of nursing I can get two or three huge burps out of her. I usually can't keep her interested in one side for more than 5-10 minutes, so I move her to the other side. Same thing happens. Due to this sleep coma she puts herself in, she NEVER gets satisfied. She wakes up about 10-20 minutes later screaming! She is also super gassy.

    The reason I don't think I have an over supply is that I never feel engorged, in fact I always feel quite empty and she seems to empty me after only about 1-2 minutes of drinking. I only have felt engorged in the middle of the night if she goes 4-5 hours without nursing. Also, when I pump after nursing, I get practically nothing and hardly ever a second let down. And when I pump in lieu of a feeding I get barely 2 oz. from both breasts combined. Thats with 15-20 minutes of pumping using a Medela Symphony.

    I don't know what to do. I am going insane having to nurse every half hour or so. I just can't seem to get dd satisfied. I need to get an LC to come to the house so that they can see what really happens. The 3 appts that I have had with an LC have been at their facility and it's never a true nursing session like I experience at home.

    I want so bad to breast feed but I either don't have enough supply or I can't get her to nurse long enough to get satisfied. I have been trying to pump after every nursing session but this whole process takes about an hour and a half and then she is screaming for more within another half hour. I don't know what to do. Please help, I am in tears!

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    Default Re: Overactive let down without oversupply?

    you could have an over active let down. I would try hand expressing a little until your breasts are a little softer and you are no longer "spraying" and then nurse. Also, burp her a little more often. like after ten minutes (unless she seems fine) Sometime over active letdown will cause a baby to "gulp" and then they will take in a lot of air and have gas.

    I am also a big fan of "one side at one session" where you don't switch sides during a single nursing session. The formilk has more lactose, which can put too much lactose into the babies bowels. Hindmilk is fattier and comes out after the formilk, has less lactose.

    The formilk quinches thirst the hindmilk feeds the appetite. (formilk is ice tea, hind milk is steak and salad )
    This is what I wrote to another poster but it seems to apply to you also. Part of your problem sounds like she might not be getting enough "hind milk" which is whats filling.

    Also, not every woman feels Engorged. So dont go by that. And pumping isnt a good measure. Babies are Much more efficuent at emptying your breast than a machine.

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    Default Re: Overactive let down without oversupply?

    I was having the same problem and didn't know what it was. Then I found out I have overactive let down. when my lo nurses and i get a let down, he will pull off and I will just be spraying everywhere. I will hold the burp rag to it and compress until it stops spraying and then he will latch back on. he will only feed for about 5-7 minutes most of the time during the day on one side and then will be done, so I will feed him two times in a row on the same side. This has seemed to help a lot. He still feeds about every hour or hour an a half during the day. He was really fussy and now seems really satisfied. I also lean back when I am feeding him to work against gravity. This helps a lot. I can't always do this in public and he has a horrible time feeding. HTH hang in there.

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