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Thread: Pumping with an Overactive Let Down and Abundant Supply

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    Default Pumping with an Overactive Let Down and Abundant Supply

    My baby is 5 weeks old, and we have both been struggling with my overactive let down reflex. We nurse, positioned with Lola sitting straight up and straddling my torso. This has reduced the frequency and amount of Lola's spit up, drastically. We still have some problems, but as we approach her sixth week, my supply seems to be adjusting to an appropriate amount and she is able to handle my strong let down with more ease.

    I would like to begin pumping in order to store milk for times that we may need to be separated. But I am concerned that this will create more milk and we will revert to the same problems that seem to be resolving themselves.

    Will pumping increase my milk supply?

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    Default Re: Pumping with an Overactive Let Down and Abundant Supply

    Pumping increased my supply, but it also helped with the OALD. I pumped in the morning, when I was super full and she had the most problems. It brought me down enough to make feeding easier. I didn't do it every day, just when I was really feeling full. If I did do it every day, it upped my supply, so every few days was good enough. She couldn't empty me out the way the pump did until recently, so it was really nice.
    I will say this, everyone is different. I pump a little too much, and its hello full boobs, yet there are some women who pump all the time and can't get their supply up at all.

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    Default Re: Pumping with an Overactive Let Down and Abundant Supply

    I think that your supply should start to "ease up" after your body adjusts to what LO is taking in. As for pumping, I pump about 1-2oz out to ease the OALD in the AM before I feed my LO and during the day, I try to pump 4-6oz per session. I freeze anything I have left over for those growth spurt days & she's eating like a champ. If you pump the amt equal to only what LO would typically eat, your supply may level/adjust accordingly. You should feel blessed that you have extra. Pump & stash!

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