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Thread: Pumping at work and produced nothing

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    Default Pumping at work and produced nothing

    I am a second time mom, and I have been pumping for almost two months now on my return to work. Today I sat down to pump and after 15 minutes, only managed to produce a few drops. I have never had this happen before. I am not feeling stressed out and I feel like I ate plenty of protein today though I was hungry when I went to pump. My pump seemed to be working fine as well. Should I be concerned?

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    Default Re: Pumping at work and produced nothing

    Couple things cross my mind. First, was this a one time event? Sometimes it can be hard to let down for the pump for whatever reason - stress, excited about something, etc. The second thought is that there is a problem with the pump even though it seems to be working - for example, even tiny tears in the membranes can affect the suction, so if this is an ongoing problem, consider changing out replaceable parts. (Some moms change out membranes on a routine basis, for example every month. My personal habit was to change things out if there seemed to be a problem.) Third, could you be having a temporary supply dip due to your period, new (hormone-containing) birth control, pregnancy, or an over-the-counter medication?

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