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Thread: Pump model reviews/recommendations?

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    Default Pump model reviews/recommendations?

    Hello all,

    I think I posted this before, but I wasn't sure then about the specific pumps that my insurance would cover. Now I know!

    I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my #2, and I already have a Medela PIS, which I used for over 15 months with baby #1. I think it still works, and I was planning on using it until I found out my insurance would cover 100% of a new pump! And I know the pumps wear out, specially pumping 4 times a day for over a year...

    Anyway, I was given 2 options. 1) Ameda Purely Yours double electric or 2) Medela In Style Advanced. The lady said that these were not sold in any retail store so I wouldn't be able to find any information, and she said the Medela In Style Advanced was not the same as the Medela PIS anyone knows if there's a difference??

    I didn't have any issues with my Medela, so I was leaning to order another one. Plus I have tons of medela bottles, and shields and stuff, I'd hate to not use.

    I just wanted to get a feeling from y'all and read any experiences with the Ameda, or anyone who has used both and has a preference?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Pump model reviews/recommendations?

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I haven't personally used the Ameda Purely Yours, but people I know have used it and it doesn't seem to be as sturdy a pump for 4 times/day pumping (in fact, one woman I knew at work who pumped together with me threw it on the floor in frustration, because it was not working at all well for her). I've also read on these forums that the Purely Yours is considered a lighter weight pump. I think the difference between the "insurance" Medela PISA and the retail one actually is mainly in the bag, not in the pump itself. If the PIS worked well for you before, I would think the Medela should work well for you this time as well.

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