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Thread: How often do I wash pump parts?

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    Default How often do I wash pump parts?

    Hi all, I am wondering how often I should wash my breast pump parts. I am currently washing after each use, then making sure they are completely dry before I use them again, but have read that some women will pump 2-3 times a day, then wash at night. Is this sanitary? Do you rinse the parts in water and take apart, or leave it all together in between uses during the day? I will be going back to work soon, and being able to pump more than once between washes will help me to add even more milk to my stash, but this seems weird to me. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts? Thanks ladies!

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    Hi momma. You can leave your parts assembled and store them in the fridge between uses, then just wash them when you get home. It's no different than putting a partially drank glass of milk back in the fridge. I store mine in a large Tupperware in my fridge at work with a little zipup lunch box full of milk and bags.

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