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Thread: Thanks everyone - we made it!

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    Default Thanks everyone - we made it!

    I just wanted to post a huge thanks to everyone on this board. We made it to a year!! From nipple yeast, to bad latch, to fast let down, to lost milk supply, this board helped my through it all!!

    My son is only eating about 3 times a day right now. Is it okay if I just start feeding him in the morning only? The morning feeding is his best feeding and I figure that would be better than nothing. I am starting back in school in August and morning would work out best. Will just a morning feeding still help protect his immune system?


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    Default Re: Thanks everyone - we made it!

    Congratulations! Any breastmilk is better than none, so one feeding will still give him some immunities etc. I would only cut out one feeding at a time, though. You could also try keeping a morning and evening feeding, if that works out.
    Most moms find that their supply adjusts to demand.


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