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Thread: unhappy nught baby

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    I am going crazy!

    My 4 week old lo seems to be perfect during the day. He'll nurse, and nap without a problem. But then as soon as it becomes night time- around 7ish, he totally changes! I can't get him to sleep, he'll scream and cry. The swing that used to work will only calm him for 5-10 min, neither will carrying him in a sling or the baby bjorn. He wasn't always like this! We've tried gas drops as well. He is on some oral antibiotics - could that be it?

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    here is some great info from kellymom that talks about new babies having fussy periods, usually late afternoon/evening time and how to determine if it is normal, or if you should check into something.

    from my own experience, my son would cry and cry at night before bed. it was an hour or more of inconsolable crying that started between 4-6 weeks. And then suddenly at 3 months, he stopped doing it. I think it is normal for babies to have a fussy period. I dont know anything about teh antibiotics, so I cant help you there. but if you are worried, it cant hurt to check in with your Dr if you want reassurance. better to be safe than sorry. good luck!

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    Ahh... the witching hour. In my experience babie shave an hour a day that they are uber cranky. Em's was 7 - 8 pm until she was about 3 months old. It made going out to dinner impossible, or anywhere else for that matter at that time of the evening but as long as I planned for her imminent melt down the evening went a little smoother.
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    My baby had a period of time like this in the evening. The only thing that would calm her was to bf. My ped said that a lot of bf babies are cluster feeders, where they want to nurse constantly in the evenings for an hour or two. It lasted a couple of months. I do not really know the difference between colic and cluster feeding. My impression is that if it is a bf baby then it is a cluster feeder but if it is a FF baby then it is colic . There really may be a difference, but this was my impression.
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    My first question would be are the antibiotics working? What is he needing them for? Otherwise I would go with pp and assume he may be trying to releive his stress from the day by crying it out.

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    thanks for the replies!

    He is on an antibiotic because he had an infection near his butt that the doctor drained. Its pink and smells like strawberries (the medicine). I actually don't really know if they are working - our doctor just told us to keep giving it to him for 10 days - but his butt bump seems to be getting better?

    I haven't tried feeding him continuously. Usually I feed him, until he unlatches himself / stops sucking&swallowing for a while / coughs ( I have a heavy flow) and he doesn't seem to want anymore. Should I keep trying to feed him? That's another question I've had - his feedings really vary. Sometimes he'll take both sides and do 15 min on the first and 15 on the second; other times he'll do like 10 min on the first side and not want anymore. Is it normal for this to vary so much?

    his witching hour is more like a witching 10pm-5am; during this time he'll sleep for little periods of time before waking up crying. We'll do everything we can think of to soothe him and he'll finally calm down after a while to take a short nap. We swaddle him sometimes but he gets really hot - I'm worried about him being too hot and getting heat rash. This happens when he falls asleep on me skin to skin as well - he wakes up feeling kind of sweaty and sticky. This is bad?

    thanks everyone!

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