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    Question :(

    Here is a question that I am sure has been posted and asked a millions times.....WHEN SHOULD I START CEREAL??? I read and read and read, and everything/everyone has a different idea. So I take the advice, "wait until they show signs that they are ready" ok, well.....WHAT ARE THE SIGNS!!!
    I though I would wait it out as long as I could....but now my DD (5.5 months, 18 or so lbs, and pretty much sitting up) seems interested in food on my plate (or just whats on my plate not knowing it is food). I don't want to rush, I don't want to neglect her either.
    Also, does any other mom not want to give there babies anything but bf milk?? I feel less needed for some reason...
    thank you so much for your help!!!

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    Default Re: :(

    Seems like alot of people have this question these days so I'm attaching a link to a very good site on solids- signs & when to start. HTH!!



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