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    Quote Originally Posted by Evin View Post
    When 1 year came, though, it was clear to me that not only was my one-year-old still a baby, but also that she still needed nursing for nutrition, comfort and sleep. I
    Whoa, I must be tired... this just made me bawl. This is what I love about nursing. Looking at her sweet face, her eyes closed, her lower arm around my waist, the other hand softly patting me. Shortly she will be my two year old baby... She'll always be my baby, I suppose.

    Even when she weans.

    But the moments that I can hold her in my arms and smell her head will get few and farther between.

    My borther and I used to laugh at my mom because she'd walk behind us at the dinner table, pausing sometimes, when we were home from college, leaning over and smelling the top of our heads. It's true. Nothing in this lifetime will rival the smell of that sweet girl's head. And for now, I get to breathe it in at least a handful of times a day.

    So when do I plan on weaning? No time soon....
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    Originally I thought 1 yr but when that came it was like 2 yrs. I want to stop when she's ready, she doesn't eat as much mainly for sleep or hurting from teething
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    When we started BFing, I thought I would BF for 1 year at least...because that's the recommended and if weaned before that babies need formula.

    As I nursed my DS and learned so much about BFing, here through LLL and other places too, I decided that child-led weaning was the way to go for us. Following my child's lead as to his needs and giving him my milk, which is made just for him rather than cow's milk just makes sense to me.

    I know a few moms IRL who BF toddlers, so that makes it easier for me too. My DS is almost 14 months old and nursing is still really important to him. For the milk and the comfort. He's been signing milk for awhile...so we know when he wants it!

    I hope he nurses until at least 2 years. I don't know what my "upper limit" is...we'll see how it goes. And I also will have some limits or delay nursing sometimes if needed. But I don't think I will mind tandem nursing if DS is still nursing whenever we have another baby.
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    I never really had a long term goal. No end in sight for us yet. I decided at the beginning to take it as it came. Both of my girls will tell me when they are done, I'm sure. For now, I'll take the cuddles and know I'm giving them the best start possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mollyb View Post
    I don't think I want to tandem nurse so I'm kind of hoping to gently wean my DD before the baby comes next spring. I'm hoping she'll self-wean but we'll see. No plan right now.
    I just want to clarify that I think tandem nursing is awesome! However, for myself I just don't think I could swing it as a WOHM.


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    I'm not really sure what my upper limit is either. I had always planned on a relatively "long" nursing relationship (my mom was an LLL member so I considered that normal). Even so, I remember thinking that I'd like my son to wean by around 2 1/2. Well, he turned 3 in April, and still going strong, LOL. Honestly, I think I would have been sad if he'd weaned that early. Now, I am pregnant with #2 and I'm very conflicted about what to do. On the one hand, I really don't think I want to tandem nurse, and he'll be turning 4 when the baby is born. I'm afraid that if he doesn't wean before the new baby comes, he may be really old before he wants to stop . On the other hand, the thought of trying to wean him sounds really overwhelming and sad. I'm really hoping he'll just stop on his own during the pregnancy, but I don't think it's too likely. We'll see, maybe he'll surprise me .

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    I always said I would nurse for the first year then I was done. Or "as soon as they can ask for it I'm going to wean". But now that I have a baby and it's been 6 months (can I just say omg it's been 6 months?!) I don't see us stopping until at least 2 years, unless he has other plans. I can't imagine taking it away from him anytime soon.

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    I've wanted to nurse a baby till 2, but haven't made it there yet. I'm really close with Mark. But, I recently cut him way back because dh and I are going on a weekend trip away later this month. He's down to 2 a day and I really can't handle going any lower. I really enjoy nursing him and he misses not nursing as much. With the pregnancy I'll probably lose some of my supply and end up weaning him completely during the fall. While I'm not totally opposed to tandem nursing my sister had a bad experience with it so I'm a little gun shy.
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