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Thread: What to expect after c-section?

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    Question What to expect after c-section?

    I am going to have a c/s in a week God willing. I understand from scanning through the book I have my milk will take longer to come in. So, what can I do to help my milk come in. Dh said he read that I may need to supplement for a while. I have a breastpump and thought I would start using it right way to help my milk come in...

    please help me so I can be better prepared.

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    i had a c/s and my milk came in 3 days but u know u still have the colostrum im not sure if thats enough ive always wondered that but if u do need to supplement u can dont beat ur self up due to being in pain for a bit if anything make sure u have the help...u will do fine!!

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    I had a c-section with ds. I didn't need to supplement. After he was out, and cleaned up, and I was cleaned up, the nurses put him on my bare chest. Then I had help getting up to latch. He was born at 36 1/2 weeks so he was a "sleepy" baby, when he would not latch, I pumped.

    I also had the mother's milk tea with me in the hospital, so when the doc said it was ok to have fluids, I started drinking the tea.
    I think the important thing is bare chest to bare chest. Then pump if you can.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    I had a c-section with my LO and had no problems at all with milk supply. Here are my tips from experience.

    1. Ban the paci, you are the paci :-) Seriously, let you LO latch on as often and as long as they'd like.

    2. While in the hospital, room in. That is don't let your LO leave your sight, don't send them to the nursery, etc. This helps too for you to be there whenever LO wants to nurse - see #1.

    3. When you get home, if you can have baby sleep in the same room with you so you can respond to every whimper, again see #1.

    4. NO BOTTLES! NONE OF ANY SORT! Don't let the nurses tell you things are standard to take the baby and give them formula for you to sleep. That's a bunch of crap. You will be tired post op. I had a c-section and I fought with the doctors to cut my pain meds to something less powerful so I wasn't so loopy, until they changed my perscription I refused all meds. I ended up just taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen, which worked fine. I needed to feel confident holding my son so he could cuddle and nurse.

    5. Get you hubby to help you. Help you with latching, encouragement, foot rubs, your older kids, anything he can.

    6. Finally, have confidence in yourself. You absolutely can do it. Your baby will not starve until your milk comes in, there's colostrum. You can do it, and don't forget we're all here to help you succeed in meeting your goals.

    Here's a great link from the KellyMom sight about 10 tips for success:

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    great advice pp..
    that and get help right away... don't wait if you think that something is going wrong. call your local leader or lc.
    I had a c-section with my dd and she did just fine. milk came in just fine
    ITs a good excuse to take the baby to bed and rest, give them the time they need to learn how to breastfeed!

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    I had a c-section.

    If you can do without the loopy meds, do so. They make you tired and dizzy (and for me they made me itch like mad). Once they unhooked me from the IV, but left the IV in, I also asked for them to remove it -- for one when they gave me meds it stung and for another it was hard for me to get up and move about with it where it was. I had to be very persistent.

    By the time I left the hospital my milk had started to come in. I unfortunately started supplementing her with some formula, but that was because she developed jaundice, I couldn't get her to latch, and though I pumped I wasn't getting a lot of colostrum ( a few ml ) and they kept telling me she needed more to be able to clear the bilirubin out of her system. So, she got a little bit of formula her first few days, but after that, pumped breast milk all the way.

    Your belly will hurt. If you need pain meds don't turn them down. It's ultimately up to you. When I went home from the hospital, I pretty much cut myself off the pain meds because they made me so tired and dizzy I could barely take care of my daughter. That and she was SO sleepy in the beginning I was worried that the meds were making here even sleepier. I had the HARDEST time waking her for feedings.

    You will have some flab that will likely hang over the incision. I know, not the greatest picture and all, but not to worry, it will eventually go away. I still have a little bit of a tummy, but it doesn't hang like it used to. It's still a little tender, but not so bad.

    If you can, when you can, walk around. Take your child for a walk through the halls in their bassinet. Don't overdo yourself, but moving around will help you recover faster.

    Learn to get out of bed the "right" way. Basically, you roll over onto a side, then use the arm beneath you to push yourself up to a sitting position, and then slowly stand. It hurt when I did that in the hospital, and I was paranoid I'd rip my stitches, so I learned how to pull / push myself with the hand rails on the bed. The problem with that? Our bed at home has no rails. It was not fun.

    Definitely room in. If your child must be taken for something -- a bath, a weighing, a shot, a test -- ask that you be with him / her. That way you can control if they get supplemented and with what.

    Above all else -- get help. I pretty much had none (my sister in law came for a week, and would have stayed longer if it weren't for my mother in law -- so I had to take care of my daughter alone the second week out on. It was very difficult.)
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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    Agree with the PPs.....

    Enlist support before the birth and let hospital staff know that you plan to BF and want to do so at the earliest possible time.

    You do not have to supplement (doing so will only get you off to a more challenging start). My milk came in on day 3 - not delayed by C-sec at all. The most effective way to help your milk come in is to nurse OFTEN and on demand. Milk production is brought on by the delivery of the placenta, regardless of a vaginal or surgical birth.


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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    Great advice from the previous posters, especially LunaticLibrarian.
    Also, remember, your colostrum is enough for baby until your milk comes in. That is the way our bodies were designed. My milk came in on day 3 with my last baby, who was a c-section baby. She was attached to the breat as soon as possible after the section, and then as often and as long as she wanted to stay there. My visitors would tease me that they never got to see the baby because she was always nursing.

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    I feel kinda silly responding to this, I don't know when my milk came in. But I did not have to supplement. He latched on like a champ from the first time and I was so weary after 3 hrs of pushing and then a c-section that I didn't really think about when the milk came in.

    Just keep in mind that this is a natural way of feeding and that your body will do what it is supposed to (given that there aren't any complications, not that there will be dont be scared)

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    Default Re: What to expect after c-section?

    ditto to all. my milk was in 2 days after c/s. all good advice!

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