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Thread: Tips on breastfeeding a teething/toothed baby?

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    Talking Tips on breastfeeding a teething/toothed baby?

    My son is going to have a pearly white very soon. He doesn't seem to want to nurse today. He pops off then cries. He latches back on, nurses a few minutes, then pops off and cries. Anything I can do? Also, he has started to "slide" down my nipple as he's eating (hopes that makes sense) and pull at my breast. I will unlatch him and relatch him, and its not even a minute until he does it again. I hold him close to my breast and he fights me, biting down and pulling on my nipples. I know he's not finished, because he does it all through out the feeding. One more question: what do you ladies do for biting babies with teeth? Right now when he bites (not just at the end of the feeding), I will say, No, that hurt mommy. I unlatch him, put him down for a few minutes, and pick him back up. If I just say "No that hurt", and fix his latch, he laughs and does it again. Putting him down seems to correct the problem. I've never knowingly laughed after he's bit me, but his father has. Do you think this is why he laughs?

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    Try giving him a teether whenever he pulls off. It help us. I also keep some ice cold washcloths for them to chew on when they are pulling off and crying. It helps to sooth the gums and numb the gums enough for them to continue nursing
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    My plan ws to say "No" gently but it turns out the first time she bit me (2 weeks ago) I shreaked so loud that it got the message across to her quite quickly. She did bite me one more time last week and I again shreaked in terror and pain. Both times she cried becasue I spooked her. It was not my plan but it worked (so far). She holds a passi in her hand when she nurses and every now and then she will pull off the breast and bite the passi and then go back to nursing. I am happy to have her bite the passi and not me!
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