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    Congrats n welcome to the board. You hang in there. I also had a rough start. He would latch perfect for the LC at the hospital, but then wrong for me... He's 3w now and we are still struggling, but it has gotten better....just keep up the good work
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    Nope, no charge for services and you can call us day or night. There's a link in my signature to find a Leader in your area--some are willing to make home visits or meet in person. Andrea gave you the Hotline number.

    I couldn't tell if your baby was born prematurely or not, but you might also visit our Preemie forum, as there are mothers there who've had to coax a baby to the breast after an extended NICU stay

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    I swear in the beginig I spent more time trying to keep DS awake at the breast then anything else. There are lots of tricks you can try. Strip him down to the diaper since they don't really like it. Rub in between his shoulder blades, rub a wipe on his bare back, move his arm. We did all of these in the begining. It helps to have dad actually do these since you'll probably need both hands til you get the hang of it.

    Are you using bottles/nipples that promote switching back and forth between the breast? That could help since it'll promote a similar latch. We use Platex Nurser system since day one and haven't had any problems but there are a lot of really great brands out there.

    Have dad massage your breast for you. It's the closest he'll come to sexual contact for a while

    It really just does take practice. You'll both get the hang of it. It helps to always offer the breast first then if he's still hungry then a bottle. He should be having 6-8 wet diapers a day and 2-3 poops, then you know he's getting enough.

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    you can definitely pump and use a bottle, its a supply and demand thing, whether its baby demanding or a pump demanding. good luck!

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