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Thread: opinions on co-sleeping

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    Default opinions on co-sleeping

    I used to be against co-sleeping, but my lo won't sleep in crib and its much easier for breastfeeding. I have had people warn me about rolling over a baby, and others say its better for baby.?

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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    Before DS was born I was horrified by the idea of co-sleeping and swore I would never take so much as a nap with him. Ha! He absolutely refused to sleep in his crib after about 4 mos., and after a few weeks of co-sleeping by default, when we both collapsed from exhaustion at 2AM, I realized that it would be much safer if we *decided* to cosleep safely. It was the best decision we ever made. He and I are both sleeping now, breastfeeding is easy, and I feel completely confident in the safety of our set-up.
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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I had all those concerns as well, and swore I'd never bring baby to bed...and then sleep deprivation set in.

    Look at the rest of the world - cosleeping and breastfeeding are synonomous...

    What baby needs most is a happy, well-rested mommy. IMO the best place for baby to sleep is wherever everyone gets the most sleep!

    My pedi said that your instincts won't allow you to roll over on your baby, it's kind of the same thing as not rolling off the bed. Just don't drink and don't take any drugs that might impair that 'instinct'

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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I used to be against cosleeping too, but found I got more sleep and could be a better Mommy to my LO by cosleeping! My husband and I did it for the first 4 months. We thought cosleeping was GREAT when LO was up every couple of hours because we got more rest, but when he started sleeping more, we felt it was time for the crib. Also, Mommy and Daddy wanted their bed back!

    I was very, very worried about rolling over on baby because I tend to be a deep sleeper. So my husband and I bought a sleeper to put in bed with us. It's called the Close and Secure Sleeper and it's made by The First Years. Basically it's a bed that goes in the middle of your bed. It worked great!!! I LOVED it and will definitely use it again. I will try to get back here later to post a link, right now The First Years site is not working!

    I know other people have used other sleepers and/or cribs to cosleep. I'm sure others will chime in and give you more ideas. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I used to be against co-sleeping too. My DD started sleeping with us when she was 3-4 months old. Here are some links.

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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I also swore I wouldn't co-sleep, but once I had the LO, even with the crib in my room, I found I wake up earlier if he's in the bed with me! I love having him there, and I don't worry yet - he can't roll over. Once that starts we'll have to figure out something.

    My DH sleeps in another room as he sleeps deep and rolls around and is generally unsafe for anyone to sleep with.

    I feel co-sleeping has made everything easier. We wake 2-3 times a night to feed, but it's easy b/c he's right there. I also found I sleep better - if he's making weird noises I can just open an eye and check on him without gettting up and going to the crib.

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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I didn't think I'd like co-sleeping, but heck for a long time it was easier than getting up 2000 times a night. Co-sleeping is safe so if it works for you - go for it.
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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I always envisioned the baby sleeping quietly in his crib. We bought this beautiful and horribly expensive crib and super nice mattress. Gorgeous sheets. It's nice. I wish my bed was as nice.

    NOBODY has slept in that bed as a baby We converted it to a toddler bed, not long ago, and Ian sometimes sleeps there now.

    My mom gave us an Arms Reach. My kids won't sleep in it either. They like to be touching mom at night. The kid I babysat napped in it for a long time. He's the only one to actually use it, and those are pretty nice.

    After not getting to sleep after DS #1 was born -- every time I tried to lay him in the crib, he woke up -- I gave up after a couple weeks and got the first good nap in days and days and days when I collapsed on the guest bed one night totally exhausted and fell asleep nursing the baby. That was also the first night he actually slept! That was it. From then on, we coslept, to the horror of a few old ladies at church.

    Cosleeping has also been what we did from minute one with Colton. I've never been totally exhausted with him except for the two nights in which he cut four teeth.

    People always ask "So aren't you tired with two kids? How's the sleeping going?" The sleeping is the good part!

    The rest is . . . . problematic (as I've just hollered at the two year old to STOP JUMPING OVER THE BABY for the 155th time today )
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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    I was deadset against it - until he was born and I didn't want to let go of him for a second! We coslept for the first 2 months or so. Then stopped because he didn't seem to need it and I thought it was important for him to learn to self-soothe. Now I wish we could co-sleep again at 4 mo, but he wants to be left alone.

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    Default Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    Co-sleeping is great so long as none of the adults in bed with the baby smoke or drink. Those are the people who roll over on their infants.

    Co-sleeping can be great for babies and moms. Moms often get more sleep, and babies have their heart rate and respiration stimulated and regulated by their mom's body.

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