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Thread: Need advice on pumping

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    Default Need advice on pumping

    What sort of pump would I need if I'm trying to suppliment ebm for my lo who won't stay on long enough to get as much as she needs. I'm thinking she may have a latch problem and isn't draining my breast well. I want to pump to make sure she gets enough at each feeding. I would probably nurse on one side, switch to next breast and then pump on first breast while nursing on second. Then finish up pumping on second breast, and immidiately offer the expressed milk. I also wouldn't mind having a reserve. I don't work outside the home. Any help on brands,styles, and techniques would be helpful.
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    I use Medela pump in style. Got it online at http://www.bestbuybaby.com ($195 online w/free shipping & no tax vs retail ~$235)

    I am using it now as a matter of fact : )

    It has a double pump, which makes pumping go by faster. Nothing fancy like the ones that mimic baby nursing. I adjust the suction as needed. I start with the speed on 1 & then move it up to 3 after the milk starts. The pump can give you blisters/sore nips if you crank it up/too much suction (found out the hard way). Took me a few days to get used to the double pump (I needed 3 arms to control the machine and hold the 2 pumps) but I got the hang of it. (Hubby took pics...hilarious)

    I did end up purchasing the "large" funnel attachments vs what the PIS came with b/c the ones that came w/the unit hurt me (DD cup). Retail stores have the different attachments.

    I use the pump in AM after first feeding & at night after last feeding for 20-30min sessions (or until the milk stops flowing) & now at work 2-3x for 15-20 min sessions.

    Many people rent from the hospital but I found that was $$$, esp since my ins won't cover it all. Best $195 I've spent if you ask me b/c I'll be able to use it for my next LO too.

    I would also recommend getting the Medela Steam/Sterilizer bags. Makes clean up easier. You just rinse the equipment well, put it in the bag w/H20 & nuke it for 3 min. Sterilized...done.
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    I use the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. It is an awesome pump. I am also renting the Medela Symphony for one month to see if there is a difference in output. I haven't noticed much difference between the two in output, but the Symphony isn't as loud and is a little more comfortable. For the money I would stick with the Pump in Style because it costs 60/month to rent the Symphony (Unless your insurance will cover it, then that would be awesome).

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