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Thread: flat head panic

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    Default flat head panic

    do babies really develop flat heads from lying down too much? i hold my baby all the time--partly because i'm so paranoid that he's going to have a flat head if i ever lay him down.
    how do they develop flat heads?

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    Default Re: flat head panic

    Somethings that I did to prevent this was when my son would sleep, I would lay him on his side, and switch sides every time. I think if your baby were laying down all day long, maybe that would cause them to get a flat spot? but if you alternate their position, like go from a bouncer chair, to the floor, to holding, to laying in bed, tummy time, or whatever you do. just change it up so they are not constantly in one position all day and all night.
    at least that is what I did. No worries momma! I'm sure your baby doesnt mind you holding him all day, but you need a break once in a while!
    this article has info on flat spots and how to prevent a permanent flat spot.
    (babies heads are so soft, some flat spots go away and round out as they get older too.)
    hope that helps a little!

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