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Thread: Exhausted, frustrated, and ready to quit

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    Firstly Meghan, what a gorgeous little man Alex is, delicious! My heart goes out to you and i agree with the pp's that the first few weeks are the hardest.

    By posting on this forum you have taken a big step forward in establishing a fantatstic bf relationship with ya little 'un.

    It sounds like you have great support from your hubby and even though your Mum may be driving you up the wall at least she isnt going the other way and trying to push you towards formula. It must be frustrating though that she isnt acknowledging that it can be REALLY tricky to get this whole feeding thing down...

    Is it at all possible for you to have a 'babymoon'? This is basically just hanging out with your baby 24/7, both naked in bed if possible, just snuggling and having some close and dreamy time to bond, and not just stressin about !!!!THE LATCH!!!!! If he starts to have positive associations with your breast he be will more likely to latch. And you sound like you could do with less stress!
    Good luck anyway, dont beat yourself up about the formula thing, I have read so many stories about women who get off to a bad start and end up bf their babies successfully.
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    Default Re: Exhausted, frustrated, and ready to quit

    Hey, don't quit! I feel your pain!Many times I cried and felt like a horrible mother, hopeless, but my baby is 2 months now and it gets a little easier each day. He is lazy too, has been on the bottle since bf got too frustrating for both of us. MY BEST ADVICE--let your 1st instict be your guide:who cares what others push--you WILL know your emotionally and physically ready when you are! One day last week I just felt ready to BF again, came on here and got advice, tried, and it clicked! We have a bumpy road ahead of us and are practicing as I speak, but it gave me the confidence to have the patience! Check out my Q and the advice I got!


    Good Luck!

    "Alicia's mom" was a BIG help--she gave me this website-http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html.
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    I'm sorry! That situation sucks. I have no advice but big hugs.

    My mom is actually the opposite. She doesn't understand why on earth I would want to breastfeed. Formula is, after all, so much better! Why don't I understand that? I'm only going to fail at breast feeding anyway, she couldn't do it and therefore my children are doomed to formula. After all, it was good enough for her...

    I'm sorry everything is so frustrating, but keep in mind that even though "breast milk is better," your child has to eat. And some people simply have a hard time breast feeding. If you do end up having to go to formula, DO NOT let anyone make you feel guilty! This is your child, and your decision. And formula is better than not getting enough!

    Good luck, and !

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