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Thread: Medela Harmony Manual Pump

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    I just purchased this pump today and I'm getting a little discouraged. I am not a big pumper - my LO will take a bottle, but he is almost exclusively breastfed (he's 5.5 months). Until today, I used an inexpensive electric pump and the most I could ever pump is 1.5 ounces. I just assumed that that was because my LO was getting all the rest. I somehow lost a part to my pump, so my DH bought me a Medela Harmony manual pump this morning.

    Here's my problem - I'm getting almost nothing after about an hour of pumping. My hands are tired! I feel like I can't get a good rhythm going. Any advice? I would really like to be able to pump a little milk so that my husband and I can go out for a few hours on our own while my mom watches him.

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    First, check the suction on the pump. Be sure that everything is put together well.

    Then, try pumping early in the morning. You might even consider using the tips for assisting MER found near the bottom of this page:

    Once you're ready to pump, use the trigger part to pump fast and light like your baby would to initiate letdown. Then use the big handle to squeeze. You can try different amounts of pressure and length to see what works best for you.


    P.S. If nothing else works, try hand expression!

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