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Thread: how can I tell if she's really hungry?

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    Default how can I tell if she's really hungry?

    Any advice on how I can tell when my 3 week old is really hungry and when she just wants me as a pacifier?

    She always wants to nurse during her fussy periods (afternoons and evenings). She wants it constantly -- going on for hours, well beyond what her stomach could hold if she were actually consuming milk the whole time. I need to give myself and my nipples a break. How do I know when she's really hungry and when it's time to take her off and try to calm her down some other way? She gets very frustrated and screams if I take her off at any time during these spells.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: how can I tell if she's really hungry?

    She might just be going through a growth spurt. I'm of the mind to nurse on demand. If she cries and you have checked everything else. She doesn't need changing, she's not too hot, or too cold, then I would just nurse her. W/ some babies, when they hit that growth spurt, it really DOES feel like they nurse all the time. To be more specific, they actually start nursing all the time right BEFORE the growth spurt, to tell your breasts to start preparing more milk. If I read your LO's age properly, it's could be right around that time. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: how can I tell if she's really hungry?

    I agree with ppl. Growth spurts bring on this crazed desire to nurse nurse nurse. This cluster feeding is really important to your baby. She is building up your supply by the constant demand for more milk. In addition When the grow that much, that fast, their little bodies need the additional calories. So you are doing the right thing by nursing despite feeling like you need a break.

    I wonder if you have tried any other positions. Nursing while sitting upright for hours and hours would bust up the back of anyone. What have you tried so far?

    Occasional baby will demand to nurse more often if their latch isn't that great. Imagine sucking something through a crimped straw... Have you considered calling your local leader for some advice, maybe having someone check your latch for you? It may be worth a shot... sounds like a regular old growth spurt to me. They don't last very long. hang in there mama!

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