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Thread: Why is he pulling off

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    i had the same problem and bought 6 different pacifiers. every one "choked" her but she is getting much better at it. we only now use the soothie and i her take it by putting my pinky in the hole in the back and barely putting it in her mouth till she sucks it good then remove my finger while she is still sucking. it takes a little practice but does seem to get better after a few days and boy does it save your nipples! good luck

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    Well I guess I will keep trying...
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    It took me trying about 6 different kinds of pacifiers to find one that DD liked. And then she would only take from me, but when she knew that she couldn't nurse, like in the car. It took trying at different times and places to get it to work, but I'm so glad that I didn't give up It has made a world of difference! Good luck!

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    I think at 3 weeks a lot of babies will choke on a paci. They grow so much that first month. And some babies will always choke on a pacifier. They do make some that are for premies. If you LO has a sensitive gag reflex maybe one for smaller mouths would be better accepted.

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