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Thread: How can I wean? Please help....

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    Default How can I wean? Please help....

    I am new here and just thought I'd ask a couple of questions regarding weaning. I've had four children and nursed all of them. Each child has nursed a little longer than the one before it. I nursed my first child for only 3 months, my second for nearly 8 months, my third for 11 months and my fourth child is 15 months and still nursing. I didn't have any problems weaning any of my other children but they were all under a year when they were weaned. I am truely ready to quit nursing but my son is not. He still wakes up during the night and nurses and if I refuse to nurse him he screams, throws a tantrum and gets very upset. He is already drinking from a sippy cup and eating solids good but this for him, this is a measure of comfort. I guess b/c my youngest two children are only 17 months apart, I've been pregnant or nursing for over 3 years now...and ready to be done! Does anyone have any suggestions?? Also...is it common to not have started my menstrual cycle yet? I've not had one since his birth and with my other children, even though we were nursing, I started within 5 months after their birth. I've started wondering if something could be wrong with me. Thanks to anyone's input. ela.

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    heres a link..
    I found what worked was replacing the nursing with extra loving.
    Pretty soon they are nursing at just nap time and bed time.
    My dd will be 3 in June. She nurses at night and once during the day at nap time. I an trying to cut out the nap time nursing as she is growing out of naps. Maybe she has a nap 3 days a week.
    you might want to check out this book its good
    wean slowly with love

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    I would recommend reading The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning by Kathleen Huggins. It is organized by age group and discusses different methods for weaning (with pros and cons) according to age of the child.

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