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Thread: breast shields?

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    Default breast shields?

    Has anyone used these to feed their preemie? How did it work out?

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    Default Re: breast shields?


    heres a good link!
    in the middle is a chart that tells some reasons to use breast shields.

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    Default Re: breast shields?

    i used it for a little while. my son had a hard time latching on and he was so tiny. he was in the hospital for two weeks when he was born and they wouldn't let him go until he was eating by mouth. they gave me the breastshield because i was determined to bf but i felt like i wasn't getting it. when we finally got home, and were sort of getting used to bfing, i kinda got frustrated with having to use the breastshield everytime. it was messy and i felt like i wasn't really, fully, bfing. so i decided, one day, to stop using it. my son had to get used to the real thing. it took a few tries, but he's a pro now. i'm not against breastshields, it actually helped in the beginning, but i didn't want him to get used to it.

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    My dd was not a preemie, but I have (and still do) use breast shields. They were great in the beggining - I'm sure I would not still be breastfeeding without them! When I first started using them I had my dd weighed by laction consultants and the doctor to make sure she was gaining because I guess one of the problems with the shields is that sometimes they result in a reduced milk transfer. I haven't had a problem with reduced milk transfer and my dd is gaining normally.
    Fastforward 7 mos. and I am still using the darn shields! There was a period of time (about 3-5 mos.) when my dd would latch without them, but it hurt me so badly that I kept coming back to the shield. I saw 3 different lactation consultants about trying to get dd off the shield without it hurting me, but they all told me it was too late to fix her latch. Now, other moms on this site have told me that they are wrong, but I still haven't been able to make it happen on my own, so I use the shield still.
    I hate having to wash them all the time (I always have 3-4 of them so that I can make it through the night without having to get up and wash them), and also it makes life really complicated if you happen to forget them.
    With all that being said, I would definitely seek the help of a lc - they can help make sure the shields are not reducing your milk supply and they can help you wean your dc from the shield later on (if you learn from my situation, the sooner the better or you just might end up with them for good!).
    Good luck!

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    My dd wasn't a preemie, but thank God for the breast shield!! I started using one b/c we made a mistake by giving dd a bottle the first night when I was so engorged and couldn't get her to latch. My sil had just had a preemie (31 weeks) and she was using a breast shield and she suggested trying that to get baby back on the breast. It worked great (I know I wouldn't be bfing if it weren't for the shield). I ended up getting rid of it after about 8 weeks. My sil used her shield for 6 months and that's about the time she weaned from bfing completely. She never could get rid of it--sore nipples mostly.

    As for the reduced supply situation--I think (but don't know for sure) that is more common with the older style latex shields and isnot such a problem with the silicon ones.

    I would def. say get in touch with a lc--and the shield is better than pumping full time and def. better than formula--and it is still bfing!!!!

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