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Thread: Defrosted milk smelling like freezer burn?

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    Default Defrosted milk smelling like freezer burn?

    I use lansinoh bags, get as much air out as possible, freeze asap in a freezer with its own door, and don't use milk that's been in the freezer longer than 6 weeks. When I defrost, it smells like the freezer, definitely not sour though. For some reason, I can't bring myself to taste my breast milk, so I don't know if it tastes different, but my baby drinks it like there's nothing wrong with it and has never gotten sick from it. Does anyone experience their previously frozen milk smelling like this, and is it really still good?

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    Default Re: Defrosted milk smelling like freezer burn?

    I've never really smelled my milk, but I've tasted it.

    Honestly if you can work up the nerve to do it, I'd do that instead. It can't hurt you, though I understand how it might seem weird. I think my husband thinks I'm weird because I always lick the milk off my wrist after I've warmed a bottle of expressed milk.

    If you do decide to taste it, it should taste sweet. If it tastes salty, that's not necessarily bad -- but it could mean you have or are developing mastitis. I've also read that breast milk tastes salty when it is drying up, as when your milk dries up, the sodium content goes up. Which in a way to me makes sense.
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    Default Re: Defrosted milk smelling like freezer burn?

    I had a problem with my milk when it was in the fridge freezer. One thing I found upon research was that if it is a self defrosting (which most are nowdays) don't put the container near the wall of the freezer. Of course you are not suppose to put it close to the door either. So the best is diretly in the middle of your freezer. But I no longer had any trouble once I started putting it in the deep freezer. You can usually find one for about $100 and a used one is always an option!

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