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    My LO is 5 weeks and she is EBF. I have started to notice a smell to her wet and dirty diapers, I thought that BF babies did not have smelly diapers. Everything looks good, colorwise and the amount of dirty/wet diapers is good also. I just noticed the smell this week, is it normal?

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    I think it is normal. Is it a strong, overpowering smell, or just a slight odor?
    If you were to smell a formula fed babies poo, you would think your babies poo didnt smell.
    I always noticed a little odor to my sons poop when he was smaller.
    As he gets older, his poo gets smellier and smellier just wait until they start solids...thats a whole 'nother ball game!

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    It may just be something you ate. I've exclusively BF'd my 4 month old and noticed over the time that some days her pee and/or poo smells a little stronger than others. But then it goes back to almost scentless on other days (the pee, that is - the poo is always sort of sweet smelly). I think a little variation is probably normal, but call your pediatrician if your "mommy intuition" is tweaking you. Always trust your instincts. Good luck!

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