After the ped appointment today, they have told me that our lo has reflux, but not a bad case of it because he is gaining HUGE (5lbs 12oz at 2.5 weeks...and 7lbs 4oz at 4.5weeks) he also isn't spitting up at every meal and hardly much at all when he does, but he IS spitting up mucous stuff and has something in his throat. He sounds like he needs to blow his nose... of course he is only 4 weeks so that isn't happening) Has anyone else had this issue with reflux? I brought him home from the ped and he fell asleep when i woke him up he had tons of mucous in his mouth. I tried bulbing it out, but as i did he started to get upset and then breath it into his nose making it harder to breath. So, i suctioned his nose and then he was fine, but tons of mucousy stuff was in it. I have decided to completely cut out all dairy, leafy greens and caffeine as suggested by the ped... hopefully that will help... i read that it takes 6 weeks for this to get out of our system??? i hope not that long! Just needing some reassurance.