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Thread: Milk vs Blessed Thistle

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    Default Milk vs Blessed Thistle

    I have heard that there is a difference b/t the two, but my pediatrician says they are the same thing.

    I have started taking Fenugreek and Milk Thistle as of last week and take 2 Milk Thistle pills 3x a day. Is this the wrong kind and will it hurt baby or mom?

    I'm so confused. I've been researching all day and some sites say it's same and used for BF/milk supply and others say they are different.


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    Default Re: Milk vs Blessed Thistle

    my lactation consultant said blessed thistle. that is what I've been using and it works great.
    (btw, the two of them make your sweat smell like maple syrup!! I thought it was my milk that smelled like that till I read on a website that those two herbs make your sweat smell like syrup....weird, huh?)

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