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    Okay so i am soooo new to this whole breastfeeding thing and parenting that i am scared that i am doing stuff wrong. With the breast feeding i pump i get 2 ounces every two hours. But everything i am reading is that we can't judge the ounces we get when pumped but if baby is gaining weight. By lo is 2 months old on the 8th of june and she isn't getting fat. I am not able to get her weighed until the 23rd of june. Some times when i feed her (have to use both breasts) she is on there for almost an hour, then she stops and detaches her self. I go to put her down 45 min later she acts like she is hungry again. I try everything else before feeding, but it still comes back to feeding and is on there for another 45 minutes. There are times we have had to supplement some formula because my boobs feel so empty and tender.

    Another thing to add is that she isn't having a poopy diaper but every 3-5 days and when she does she has like 3 or 4 blow out diapers. Is it because of the formula, me eating certain things, or not feeding her enough breast milk. I am just really frustrated and want to do things right. Can some one please give me some pointers. I have eaten oatmeal 2 times a day for the last week and half and think i am going to turn to oatmeal my self. I do work so i don't know if stress is a factor. Please help!!

    Baby girl, 2 months, 8 wet diapers a day, poopy diaper 3-4 every 3 to 5 days, some where between 8-10 lbs.

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    The best indicator that your baby is getting enough milk is output. If you are getting at least 5-6 really wet diapers in a 24 hour period, your baby IS getting enough. It's also normal for exclusively breastfed babies to go days without pooping (up to two weeks before you need to worry actually). So is sounds to me like your doing fine. What makes you think she isn't getting enough? Is it that she wants to nurse often and for long periods of time? Because that's quite normal in the early months. It could be that your lo is going through a growth spurt. Nurse your daughter when she shows signs of being hungry and everything else will fall into place May I ask why you're pumping? Are you returning to work or trying to build a stash?

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    I had to go back to work after 6 weeks. I also wasn't able to build a supply fast enough so i have no stash, what i pump through the day, it is the stash and it goes to daycare or to my husband when he is off. So if i don't have enough we supplement with formula.

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    Imma to AA, born at home 11/12/07 , juggling , working, APing , cloth diapering , - and . I'm done - yay!


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