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Thread: should I follow this advice?

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    i would like opinions on something. i have a 4 week old baby boy, and i have been pumping exclusively every 4 hours or so, both breasts at the same time, for about 10 minutes. i get about 7 - 12 ounces at each pumping, which is WAY more than i need. a former lactation consultant told me that what i should start doing is pumping EVERY OTHER breast at each pumping, so each breast is only being pumped every 8 hours. she said that is why i am getting way too much milk, b/c in general when breastfeeding, you only feed one breast at each sitting, and then offer the other breast at the end, but that the baby mainly only eats off one breast at each feeding.... and so applying this to pumping, i should only pump one breast every 4 hours. this will apparently decrease my milk supply so it's not so out of hand (you should see all the milk in our freezer right now!) also, she said it could help decrease my nipple soreness, which is part of what is preventing me from getting baby to latch on... the pain of his latch b/c my nipples are so sore...

    anyway, i wanted your opinions on doing the above. do you think it's a good idea? any other suggestions? my fear is if i lessen my milk supply now, i won't have enough later on, when he is eating more. he already eats a lot for his age i think. i do not freeze 50% of my milk (baby drinks more than half of what i pump, in general), so i'm concerned that i won't have enough just pumping each breast every 8 hours. i hope that makes sense... sorry if i rambled, i am running on little sleep! thanks for any comments and suggestions.

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    You have to do what is comfortable for you, but I think the advice sounds good. My son only nursed on one side at a time for most of his life so far (9 mo) but he ate every 2 hours, so each breast was getting used about every four hours. While some women do have supply issues, most people can boost a supply back up even if it drops. Since you have such a great supply, I doubt you'd have much trouble boosting it back up again if it were to go down. Have you run this by a local LLL leader? They may have more experience and can give you peace of mind.

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    I think it's woth a shot. I'm all for trying anything to get a baby to the breast. Like pp said if your supply drops too much you can always go back to the old schedule and your supply will increase.

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