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Thread: Nursing to no avail

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    Glad to hear things are going better. It's great that you have a family member you can talk to who's had success with breastfeeding. FYI, I have never felt a letdown, and my baby is almost 7 months old and nursing fine! Some people just don't. So don't worry even if you never feel it.

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    I would be careful shortening the nursing sessions to much I think some baby's NEED to nurse for longer both of mine have always taken forever to eat when they were newborns but it gets better. I know it feels like the only things your getting done is nursing but in a way I think that is nature telling you to take it easy and rest after going through childbirth. My 2nd son is now 6 months and never takes long to nurse so it does get better. He has been fast for a while now and most babies do speed up unless perhaps they are going through a growth spurt. Those marathon nursing sessions work to help bring in your milk.

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    Your baby could also be going through first growth spurt

    Babies generally are getting enough milk if they are producing 5-6 really heavy nappies.

    The length of time taken to feed for a newborn decreases as they get older, and can reduce to a couple of minutes once they hit 3 months as they become more efficient at feeding.

    Hang in there for now...
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