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Thread: nursing all the time/pops off

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    Default nursing all the time/pops off

    My three week old wants to nurse every hour it seems. She won't let me put her down and will only sleep with me. She pops off my breast several times while nursing and is frantic to get back on. I hope shes getting enough, I feel bad about letting her sleep with me.

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    My 1.5 week old is also nursing all the time and gets frantic if/when she de-latches. I am keeping her in my bed for the meantime though using a little baby mattress with support so she doesnt turn over onto her tummy-which she has done already twice! If your baby has enough diapers filled then she should be getting enough..i dont have much experience but i figure if my baby wants to bf, she must not be in pain or anything...

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    sounds like a growth spurt 3 weeks is a perfect time. I wouldn't worry if her pee/poo output is good. She is just trying to tell your body to make more milk b/c she is growing!

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