I have naturally large babies. I gain very little weight and have literally NO complications during the pregnancy. However with my 3rd and last baby boy (7-22-07) has been a bit different. Starting from delivery.

My only child to not be induced, under much fighting from me (I wanted him to be early because I knew he was going to be at least 9 1/2lbs) the doctors refused to induce early because I only gained 9lbs and was only measuring 39weeks at 40weeks, which ended up bringing me 3 days past my due date and ending with an emergency c-section and a 10lb 10oz 23 1/2in long monster!! He trumps the other two by 1lb 2oz and 1lb 7oz and at least 2 inches.

I'm breastfeeding once again...I am one of those extremely lucky women to have enormous amounts of milk. I then proceeded to get him on a schedule just like my other two boys when they were infants. My milk came in the following day after delivery and by the bucket load.

My problem is that he's always seeming to be hungry...like every hour and a half, and I'm now for the first time experiencing a plugged milk duct. I am no longer keeping him on a 3hr schedule, but I'm having a hard time passing the dried milk that's clogging the nipple. I can already see the white spots...is there a way to get them out?