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Thread: OUCH! Cutting 4 teeth at once

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    Default OUCH! Cutting 4 teeth at once

    My poor baby girl has 4 teeth coming in right now. She never actually bites me, but she is so miserable that she wants to nurse around the clock. When I sit down to nurse her she is in such a hurry that she clamps on very quickly and clamps down pretty hard. It sure as heck feels like a bite. She usually settles into her usually painless pattern, but every so often she does seem to be applying more pressure than she use to, almost chewing.

    She shows no interest in teething rings. She likes frozen waffles and they seem to help a bit, but they are awfully messy and I cannot exactly leave one in her crib with her at nap and bedimes. Other than Ibuprofin or Tylenol nothing seems to help. Any advice? She takes FOREVER to cut her teeth, I am starting to feel like a chew toy.

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    I wish I had a good answer for you. My little girl doesn't like any of those things either. She seems to like paper, cardboard and board books as teethers, but of course, she can't have those. Tylenol helps sometimes; teething tablets help sometimes. But she seems to like me best.

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    What about giving her a wet towel cooled in the fridge to gnaw on? Breastmilk icicles?
    My sons is also teething pre-molars - a few in a go. He seems to like drinking cold milk (which he used to refuse before). And also if I give him the bone of a chicken drumstick, he uses it like a teething rusk.
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