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    I have a few questions about breastfeeding my DD, who is now 13 months old. I still nurse her three or four times a day. She so far basically refuses to drink whole milk. I would like to gradually wean her to just a morning and night feeding. Should I be concerned about the lack of whole milk intake, or can she get what she needs from other sources? Any tricks to get her to start drinking the milk? Also, if I need to leave her for a day or more, does she need to have EBM while I am gone, or can she just have solids until I return (as long as I pump while I am away)? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    My son at 13 months didn't want to drink whole milk either. But now at 14 months, he's suddenly taken to it very much he "yells" for it as we pass by the milk counter at the supermarket! I just kept offering it to him, cold, at room temperature, in a cup, with a straw, from my cup... until he finally liked it.

    I have no experience of leaving my LO for more than a day, so I couldn't say. My thoughts on this: if he's already on solids, it shouldn't hurt to be without EBM, BUT, I would personally prefer to leave some behind just in case. It's a good safeguard in case he doesn't want to eat anything else while you are away. Babies can be very picky eaters.
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