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Thread: LO nursing less = mom eating less?

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    Default LO nursing less = mom eating less?

    Perhaps a stupid question ... when your LO started to nurse less frequently, how did you adjust your diet to take into consideration the less milk being made by your body?

    I had the "duh" realization that I should probably begin to taper the amount that I eat otherwise that extra ~500 calories per day will result in me packing on some serious extra pounds.
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    Default Re: LO nursing less = mom eating less?

    I was wondering the same thing the other day as I scarfed down my enormous meal. But just because we're nursing less doesn't mean this appetite has gone away!
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    Default Re: LO nursing less = mom eating less?

    I have noticed that my appetite has gone down a little since LO has started solids!
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    Default Re: LO nursing less = mom eating less?

    Hmmm. I'd never even thought of it before you raised the issue! Thanks for the reminder!

    BTW Lskam, I love the way your baby looks in his photos. Such adorable ringlets! And thoughtful blue eyes...
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