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Thread: Pre-me and trying to breastfeed

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    Default Pre-me and trying to breastfeed

    My daughter was born at 35 weeks and in the NICU for 14 days and given my breastmilk through a tube & bottle. now at home she is having trouble latching on and continual suckling. We try at each feeding for 15 minutes or until she gets agitated. I continue to pump and feed through a bottle. I have considered a supplemental feeding supply tube, but am worried that will only confuse her more.
    I am willing to pump as long as I need to, but would really like her to nurse, ANY SUGGESTIONS?????
    I am also overseas and have not a lactation consultant available whom is english speaking.

    Thank you for assistance

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    keep trying sometimes it just takes them a while before they get the hang of nursing.
    Your doing the right thing by trying there is lots of info here on the web site
    here is a link:

    what kind of nipples are you using on the bottles? slow flow is your best bet with baby your trying to do both breast and bottle.
    here are some other links that might help


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    Most preemies do not begin to nurse well until their due date. So, try to keep at it, baby will figure it out.

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