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Thread: Not "letting down" when pumping - HELP

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    Question Not "letting down" when pumping - HELP

    For some reason I am not letting down when pumping. I only have to pump three days a week - twice each day while at work. Otherwise I'm exclusively BF'ing. It started with just my left breast, so I'd pump both at the same time and get good results. Today, I wouldn't let down for anything. I'm not stressed about anything - it's never been an issue.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?


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    Default Re: Not "letting down" when pumping - HELP

    I had this same problem for awhile till I realized that it had to do with me playing tetris while pumping!! I wasnt really stressed out about anything.. but it seemed that thinking too hard prohibits my let-down.
    Are you doing anything while pumping? I let-down easier if I'm not thinking about pumping either, reading a book I like, or surfing the net. My mood seems to be a big factor in how much extra I pump.
    You might also try massage and or light touches before you pump, to sort of get your body in the mood lol, before you actually hook yourself up.
    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Not "letting down" when pumping - HELP

    This has been happening to me a lot lately. I realized that I was thinking about too many things while pumping. I have tried taking deep breaths and clearing my mind. Then I look at my picture of DD. It has made a huge difference. I think it has become too routine and I need to get "back to the basics" of relaxing & thinking about DD.

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    Default Re: Not "letting down" when pumping - HELP

    Check your pump parts.

    Then try to relax first before starting to pump. Deep breaths. Tense and relax your muscles. Think of your baby. Imagine his/her cry. Then imagine milk rushing forth from your breasts like a waterfall. It sounds hokey, but it works!

    In addition, you could try the tips for assisting MER on this page:

    And here's some info on inhibited letdown:

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