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Thread: Blanching after pumping?

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    Default Blanching after pumping?

    although I have been pumping for about 4 months now at work, i just noticed this problem last week. After i pump and pull off the horns, my nipples look white. There is some pain, a feeling of soreness, when I pull of the horns.

    I have tried the larger flanges but feel TOO much of breast is being pulled into the flange.

    Will I cause tissue damage if I keep pumping and noticing the blanching? How do you know if a larger flange is for you? What are causes of blanching?

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    Default Re: Blanching after pumping?

    Perhaps the suction is too high? Try less suction, faster speed.

    I had similar issues w/sore nips b/c my nips were getting pulled into the horn. My nips were sort of white & very sore. They started to crack after that (wasn't thrush or anything like that). I used Lansinoh ointment to heal & then tried less suction, faster speed. It worked for me (using Medela PIS).

    I also bought the large horns. I am a DD cup. The standard that came w/the unit pulled me too hard/too small of a hole. The large feels much better for me.

    I also found that this happened if I pumped for too long/too hard. I do 15-20 min sessions at work & longer periods at home.

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