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Thread: Can you overfeed your baby?

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    Default Can you overfeed your baby?

    I have a 19 wk baby. She was 7 wks prem but is very well and healthy. She has been on 4 ounces for about a month and all of a sudden she has moved up to 6 to 7 ounces in a week. Is this normal? Can you overfeed a baby on breast milk? I dont really want her to be very chubby-fat- like some other breastfed babies i see. Do babies just naturally put on the weight and not get overfed or get greedy? Help.

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    I don't think it's possible to overfeed at this point because if they've had too much they'll spit it up or throw it up. I know from personal experience unfortunately. This only happened twice, but when my LO screamed for more shortly after a feeding but had no more room in his stomach he threw up the second feeding.

    Unless your baby has off the chart weight gain, I would not worry about them being chubby. Their little bodies are changing and growing every day. They may just put on the weight only to lose it when they're too busy crawling and walking and moving!

    By breastfeeding you're already doing your best to try to prevent obesity down the road, but this is not something to worry about now. I say if the baby is hungry, feed the baby, period!

    Hope that helps!

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