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Thread: NEVER happy after nursing

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    Default NEVER happy after nursing

    I am concerned about my 10 week old daughter.
    She never seems to be happy after nursing. Here and there she may fall asleep afterwards but actually it's been several since I can remember that happening. Sometimes when she does fall asleep she will wake up 5 minutes later and start crying. Or she will come off my breast screaming/crying. Her arms might even be flailing.

    Reflux has crossed my mind, but I don't think she has any of the other symptoms - but not sure???

    Or she is just not an easy baby. I work hard to try to get her to smile or even to just look at me. She never looks at me during nursing.

    She cries more now than she use to. I think she cries whenever she gets sleepy and needs to be held to fall asleep.

    I am all over the place with this thread! I am just very frustrated and sad about a lot of things.

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    Default Re: NEVER happy after nursing

    Sounds all too familiar. We thought our LO had "just" reflux b/c of the fussiness, curdled spit up, inconsolable crying...even to the point of refusing to eat. Dr agreed & we have her on AXID for the reflux but it didn't seem to do the job by itself.

    My lactation consultant (local hospital) suggested I cut out dairy b/c an allergy can have similar symptoms of reflux. I thought she was kidding but here I am 4 wks dairy free & it's like we have a new, HAPPY baby. (other common allergies: soy, wheat)
    We're going to work on cutting back the AXID at her next Dr appmt to test the waters.

    Takes a few weeks to get the allergen out of your system & baby's but it's worth a shot!
    HANG IN THERE!!! I've melted down several times myself b/c it's hard to see baby go through that.

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    Default Re: NEVER happy after nursing

    Im having a melt down as I type. I know I should not hijack, and should probably start another thread, so I am sorry to the op. But I am at a loss also, my son is only 5 weeks.

    I want to cut dairy, but I am scared to death because it seems everything in my house has some form of dairy in it. I dont even know where to begin. I feel really overwhelmed. Ok, I will start a new thread with this.

    Good luck to you, I hope you get to the bottom of whats going on.

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