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Thread: exercise and breastfeeding

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    Default exercise and breastfeeding

    is it alright to exercise (run, do other upper body workouts) while breastfeeding?
    will the increased movement, strengthening have any negative affects on the breasts and milk production?

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    Default Re: exercise and breastfeeding

    Here is some good info about exercise while breastfeeding.

    I tend to be a "good sweater" when I exercise so when I run need to drink lots of extra water afterwards.
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    Default Re: exercise and breastfeeding

    Great questions. I think exericising is fine after 6 weeks, just find a supportive bra, nurse right before you exercise (for comfort mainly), and be sure to drink more water during and after exercise to replace those fluids lost. I have been told that excessive exercise (only you will know by your body what this threshold might be) can decrease your supply. I think it is an issue of moderation ~ some exericse is okay, but I wouldn't be training for a marathon while nursing. That's my opinion, anyway. Still, a healthy, happy mom is the best for her family, and exercise can be key to reducing stress and making sure you get some "me" time! Good luck!

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