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Thread: Husband and Breastfeeding

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    My husband was disturbed by the idea at first. But now if I'm covering up because hes in teh room he reminds me he's my husband adn its ok for him to see them. He loves that were not buying $25 bottles of formula and that he doesn't ahve to get up at night because I am the one packing the milk. Don't ge tme wrong, I pump a few bottles to keep in teh freezer for those nights I am just drained. Maybe he just doesn't get the value of it or that it can be doen in a private manor.

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    I am trying not to sound judgmental but I am amazed that ANYONE would take issue with BFing. What's the source of the discomfort? And isn't that just HIS problem? Why should his child suffer for that?! It's just so strange to me and I am not really a "lactivist" myself. I love breastfeeding but I also give formula at least once a day. My husband feeds the baby from 9pm until 3am or whenever she wakes up. If we have EBM he gives her that. If not, then formula.

    As others have said, he might change his tune once BFing is established. He probably just doesn't understand what it is.

    Best of luck to you!

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