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Thread: Adding milk together...

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    I have just started pumping, just to make enough for occasional bottles, building up a small stash. Since I just started and am only pumping once a day, normally after LO eats, I am only producing anywhere from .5oz to 2oz. So it takes me about 2-3 days to make a 4 oz bottle. I know it is ok to add chilled milk to another bottle of chilled milk, but since it is taking a few days is it still ok to freeze it once it is at 4oz, or will it not last as long?? I do not want to have to freeze multiple 1oz bottles!! is what I am doing alright??
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    I'm certainly no expert, but I would think that the first ounce might go bad before the 4th ounce was added and frozen.

    I also pump after ds eats to get a supply stored up. I found that his first feeding after sleeping 4-5 hours at night doesn't completely empty my breasts. I can usually pump 5-6 ounces after that first feeding. WHEN he goes back to sleep, that is!

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    I have put milk in the freezer after it has been in the fridge a few days.

    Some sites:

    Mom to Lainey (11-8-06)

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