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    hi, how do u ladies organise your milk in a deep freezer? I mean how do u label and organise them so u can identify the oldest milk to be used 1st? How do u store the newest milk at the bottom instead of piling it on top of the older milk, otherwise the oldest milk will be inaccessible at the bottom of the freezer?

    Not sure if I make sense? anyone have any ideas how to organise the milk?

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    I label each bag/bottle with the month/day/year. Then I separate those into large gallon-size freezer bags with the month and year on the bag. I usually just pile in the fresh milk on top. The farthest away from the door the better, and I want the older milk to stay as frest as possible. Of course, dd has never had a bottle and only rarely takes a cup, so mostly my stash of milk is "just in case," or for donation purposes. HTH

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