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Thread: Introducing Bottle?

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    Default Introducing Bottle?

    I was wondering when is a good time to introduce bottles to avoid nipple confusion.

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    Hi Zoey,

    We waited until around four weeks and then paid more attention to consistently introducing a bottle at 6 weeks since I knew I'd be going back to work at 8 weeks. I hope that helps a bit!

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    We started at 5 weeks very slowly--one bottle a day or every other day for a week, then 2 for a week. She only gets 2 most days and very rarely 3. Make sure you get a slow flow nipple (we initially liked the avent stage 1 nipples, then dd refused those and we went to the playtex nurser stage 1 nipples). And dd won't take a bottle from me...only from dh or sitter or someone and onoly if I am out of the room!

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    lol man i dont know if i can hold out 4 weeks. DS is 1 week old and i wanna turn to the bottle for some support. or sleep rather. hes wants to feed every hour and i'm very tired, while hubby gets to sleep constantly.
    i had planed to use dr brown's bottles so whatever the 1st level nipple is for that. is that a decent nipple to use?

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    The first few weeks are really rough, but it does get easier. I promise. Try to nap when DS naps, if that's possible - I know it's not long enough. You might also find co-sleeping to be a help. That way you can nurse and sleep at the same time.

    Just make sure you use a stage 1 nipple. The brand you use is largely up to DS. Despite our plans, they can be particularly picky. So if DS doesn't take to the Dr. Brown's nipples, try another brand.

    Hang in there!
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