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Thread: should i start cereal?

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    Default should i start cereal?

    my daughter is 3 months old and i don't think she is getting enough to stay satisfied through the night. i wondered if it is safe to start cereal at this age? and if so how much per 4 ounces of milk?

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    IMO, I would not give cereal at 3 months. Perhaps it's a growth spurt? 3 months is a prime time for one

    The AAP (as well as other health organizations) recommends not starting solids til 6 moths.

    Here is the link from kellymom for when the best time to start solids
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    Default Re: should i start cereal?

    Glad to have you!

    What makes you feel that your baby is not satisfied?

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    Default Re: should i start cereal?

    Studies show that the addition of cereal to baby's diet does not equal longer sleep. This resource has some information:

    You should know that it's perfectly fine and normal for babies not to sleep through the night (defined as 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep) at this age. In fact, most babies do need to wake up to eat at least once. Here's some info:

    Since you asked if it is safe to add solids this early, I am going to answer you honestly and say that most experts say no. It is especially not good to offer baby the cereal in a bottle. There is no benefit to offering solids before baby shows all signs of physical readiness, and plenty of benefit to delaying until baby is ready. Here's some info:

    I hope this information helps you with your decision. And I'm glad you found this source of information and support!

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