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Thread: Is there anything I can do to help baby poo?

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    Default Re: Is there anything I can do to help baby poo?


    There is an article at ...

    I believe it's just a matter of breastfeeding more...

    Glad to see your post 30 July though that he has pooed! Yay!
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    Default Re: Is there anything I can do to help baby poo?

    Ladies, just wanted to say a huge thanks for this post and all the helpful reassurance and advice!

    My 5-and-a-half-week-old hasn't pooed since Sunday (when he had 2 massive blow-outs) and I was getting worried! But after coming onto the LLL website and reading all the articles then coming on here I'm really reassured. He's happy and content, putting on weight (he's grown out of 6 babygros in the past few days) and doing plenty of wet nappies. Combined with the fact he's been nursing more frequently over the past 2 days I'm convinced he's having his 6-week growth spurt.

    I supplement him with 2 bottles overnight at the moment because he can't seem to be satisfied enough in the evenings making sleeping difficult for him (seriously, we'd end up staying up until 1am feeding otherwise), but we're overcoming this and he's needing less and less to settle him - tonight he had his fill of breastmilk and only 1oz of formula, which means he's nearly down to only 1 bottle overnight, woohoo! Despite supplementing him, his poo has always been completely 'breastfed' in appearance and smell - probably because he's such a hungry boy that loves his breastmilk!

    Thanks again!

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