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Thread: Dumb Question--deep freezer?

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    Default Dumb Question--deep freezer?

    I'm a bit clueless...What is the difference between a deep freezer and a regular freezer?

    We have the freezer that is connected to my fridge and my mother just gave us her stand alone G.E freezer and I am able to adjust the temp--is this considered a deep freezer??? I believe I have a lipase problem and just read that a deep freezer could slow it down. I store my milk in the stand alone freezer, but I just thought it was a regular freezer. I'm hoping it's a deep freezer. Sorry if this sounds stupid I just have no idea

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    Deep Freezer referrs to the temperature. If you can set it to 0 degrees, then I believe that's "deep freeze"


    There's a chart midway down the page that lists lengh of storage and temperature. "Deep Freeze" is 0 F or lower.
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