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Thread: Cannot guess BM intake

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    Default Cannot guess BM intake

    My son is 12.5 months old and I never gave him cow's milk. Most days I don't even give him any yogurt or cheese since his iron is low and he is not very good at eating solids anyway so I try to make most of solid intake made up of meat, eggs and fruits and veggies helping his iron reserves. So the sole source of his calcium is my milk. He is nursing 4 times a day and a 4-5 snacks during the night. I know that toddlers are supposed to drink 16 oz of milk per day but in the case of BF of course there is no way to guess how much he is getting. Should I start giving him yogurt and cheese on a consistent basis? How will I ever know if he is getting enough? It was so much easier when he was just BF but now I cannot know if he is getting full on unnecessary food and not getting enough milk or else

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    kelly moms has a good link for toddlers and thier milk intake:

    search the forum for low iron and you'll find lots of great info.
    My dd had low iron. and we used flora dix..
    its an iron supliment thats made out of plants.
    if you want to ask some ? shoot me a pm

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