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Thread: bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

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    Default bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

    My ds if 4 weeks today. We had a bad start to breastfeeing in the hospital after a c-section (baby was breech) and I'm really struggling. We have a bad latch but I am trying at every (daytime) feed to get him on, which usually involves much frustration and screaming on his part but he now eventually gets on, but often shallowly. At this stage he feeds for 15 - 30 minutes on one side, (which is better than the last two weeks of no latch at all) but I don't think he is getting much as the test I did at a breastfeeding clinic showed he only took an ounce in half an hour. I then feed him expressed milk, top this up with formula, and then pump. This whole process takes 90 minutes, then we start the cycle again 90 minutes later.

    The good news is that my milk supply is slowly coming up and I am on a course of domperidone. And he didn't used to latch at all. But I am not sure how long I can do this as I'm just getting more and more tired and depressed. Has anyone else had this double bad latch/low supply problem. How did you get through it?

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    Default Re: bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

    I would strongly suggested working with a local lactation consultant or LLL leader to help get the latch improved. I had multiple problems getting my DS to latch at all, but a BCLC was able to help us get started. Once you get the latch issue resolved, the supply issue should improve.

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    Default Re: bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

    Wow. Let me first say congratulations on making it as far as you have! It sounds like you have really worked hard to bake BF work. I did not have supply problems but did have problems with latch. After the first few days, my DS was always eventually able to latch and get plenty of milk, but it might take us 15 minutes of trying to get him latched on. I would also recommend working with an IBCLC. It was very helpful for us. I was very discouraged because I thought after a couple weeks everything should be easy, but it took us much longer than that. I kept thinking we must have missed the window of opportunity to learn and that it would always be difficult. However, by the time he was about 2 1/2 to 3 months it was in fact a piece of cake. As your baby gets bigger it will be easier to get a deeper latch also.

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    Default Re: bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

    You've gotten some good advice here. Are you working with a LLL Leader or breastfeeding professional in your area? Get someone to help you with the latch--that can make all the difference in the world as far as pain and supply, both. A good latch will help the baby empty the breast more efficienty and that will help increase your supply.

    I would echo the PP's: hang in there, keep working on that supply. It takes some commitment at first, but it will get easier in the long run. Come here and vent as needed
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    Default Re: bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

    Good for you for getting help.

    I was wondering if baby takes the EBM (or formula) happily lying down in the bf position, or if this is a struggle also?

    A woman I was helping had a breech baby delivered by c-section who had HUGE trouble with baby fighthing at the breast etc. What she found helped the most was for the baby to be seen by an Osteopath who performed Cranial Osteopathy on the baby over a number of weeks. Baby's skull and spine were misaligned from being in the breech position and therefore it hurt her to lie down in the bf position. Once these issues were sorted out she finally could lie down happily to nurse.

    I am not sure if you routinely (or not) have babies spines checked in the States??

    Hope this is of some help.

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    Default Re: bad latch, low supply, really struggling - help!

    If you're interested in craniosacral therapy as the above poster suggested, here is a good article:

    You might also find this info on skin to skin contact and infant self attatchment helpful:

    How are things going now? Any change?

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