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Thread: Success stories? Please reassure me!

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    She dumped your milk?!!

    I so would have gone off on her!

    I know how you feel about medical personell, I went into the hospital here a few days after I was sent home because the docs thought I might be anemic and I was feeling really really run down.

    I was tired, sore (my milk had just come in so I was in a LOT of pain and late for a pumping), and cold. This doctor decides to put me on an IV of fluids and I turned my face away and grimaced. He totally jumped at me for it, insulted me, and was all like "What, what do you want me to do? Don't you want to get better? How do you expect to take care of your child?"

    I turned around and said "Why the hell do you think I'm in here, jackass?"

    The worst of it? He's married. I don't know how his wife puts up with him. Seriously, I so understand dealing with insensitive jerks when you're still hormonal, worried about your child getting enough, and not feeling well taboot.

    That being said, get a hospital grade pump. You won't get much at first -- I only got 2-3 oz (I had been pumping with a cheapy pump we bought from first years, so I expect that's why -- in the beginning with that pump I got 1-2 oz).

    Now, a month later, I'm pumping 8+ oz. I actually wish I was pumping less, because I've had massive problems with clogged ducts.

    I'm an exclusive pumper -- what I would do, was feed my daughter her bottle, then pump for 20 minutes. I made sure to wake her for a feed at least every 3 hours. When we switched off who was taking care of her most of the time, I put myself on a solid every 3 hour schedule for a week or so of pumping. Sometimes I didn't pump around a feeding, but she fed 8 times and I pumped 8 times. Slowly the amount I pumped increased. Now I pump every 4 hours, though I'm thinking of cutting that back because of all the clog issues.

    One other thing I did that may or may not have encouraged the extra milk -- after I pumped for 20 minutes, I would try to hand express some milk. If I was getting any streams, even one, I would hand express until I wasn't getting any anymore.

    Hang in there, and serioiusly talk to the hospital. Unless it was over 8 hours, she should NOT have dumped your milk. Milk is good at room temp (68-70 degrees) for at LEAST 6 hours usually. Women with lipase issues may find this not the case, but you can tell by tasting your milk. If it's sweet, you don't have the problem. If it's nasty, you might have a lipase issue.
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    Default Re: Success stories? Please reassure me!

    Hang in there, I had the same problem. Soo frustrating. I was surprised how much my self esteem and confidence was tied to my milk production or lack of it. My little one would be hungry, I'd put him on the breast, he'd fall asleep in 5 minutes, I'd burp, tickle his feet even cold treatments (I know bad mom). He'd eat another minute, fall back asleep. As soon as I put him down he'd scream because he is hungry. He lost so much birth weight I had to supplment. My dr had me put him on each breast 20 minutes (a nice 40 min nap for him), supplement him and then pump. I was doing 1.5 feeding sessions six times a day. After a complete breakdown I decided to be an exclusive pumper (And a nurse told me "I had a lack of commitment"). It is 4 months now that I am pumping. I used to get .5 oz per breast. It took a month and half to build up to 26 ozs per day. It seemed every week I would get slightly more (now I get approx 36 ozs per day). Keep at it. I know it is frustrating...

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