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Thread: Nippled on breastmilk

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    I had to stay in the hospital one week with my newborn (she is 4 weeks now) and I was pumping to increase my milk supply. While there the nurses told me I could not store breast milk that had been nippled on in the bottle because the saliva gets mixed in and makes it unsafe. I was very disappointed when I had to throw away 2 ounces. Since then I use 1 ounce at a time and it gets aggravating making several trips to the kitchen to warm up additional milk. However I have read that breast milk has antibiotic properties and was wondering if I actually have to throw out a bottle of milk that has been nippled on?


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    I think that it is recommended to throw it out if it has not been used in one hour. However, there have been studies which say that it is okay to reuse once. They say more studies need to be done on this.

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