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Thread: Confused - Lipase question re: freezer vs. fridge

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    Default Confused - Lipase question re: freezer vs. fridge

    I had a question about lipase. I took my first frozen bottle out yesterday for my husband to give to my daughter while I was out. I smelled it to see if ti was okay and it smelled like rust. I tasted some and it was awful. So I took out another newer bottle and it was the same. So I am concluding that I have a lipase problem. My confusion is this, when I keep my milk in the fridge (when I know she will get the bottle within a few days) I haven't noticed any problems - even after several days, doesn't a lipase problem affect refridgerated milk the same way it would frozen?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Confused - Lipase question re: freezer vs. fridge

    Sometimes... i wish I had all the time the tell you all I know about right now...Lo is in my lap...Search lipase on here and you will get lots of answers
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    Default Re: Confused - Lipase question re: freezer vs. fridge


    The freeze thaw cycle on a freezer with a defroster makes the lipase problem very noticeable. The milk is being warmed then refrozen over and over. The colder the temp the more slowed down lipase activity is.

    When you have it in the fridge, you just may not notice it b/c a week can be a complete difference in the taste of the milk when the lipase is out of whack. I can use my freshly pumped milk for about 8 hours, but after that it is getting funky, then 12 hours later I would even't touch it. So, the milk is probably in the freezer just that bit longer that it has really been digested even more.

    The pp mentioned searching for Lipase, there are some excellent threads. There are other mommies with lipase, including me :-), and we posted back on several experiments done with milk. At any rate, my son is now a year old and I pump at work and have about 500 ounces in the freezer stash. Lipase is a hurdle, but not a show stopper.

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