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    I have a Medela PIS, I bought for my dd 2 years ago. I have been using it with my ds now, but all of a sudden it is not working right. The suction is messing up. Does anyone know about Medela's warranty or policy with such? I would just hate to have to buy another $250 pump kwim?

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    Not sure about the warranty, but mine did the same thing...I took eveything apart and put it back together over and over cussing it of course...it finally just started working...If yours is under waranty I would definately get another one though...Mine is from 1999 so I did not get it new...5 months later still works like a champ! Good Luck
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    Check their website. They also list local places for rentals, so maybe there is someone who can repair... Hospital lact. dept. or pharm. may know something too.

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    I called medela when my swing stopped sucking properly. It was under warrenty so they told me to bring it in and they ran cleaner through it and it worked fine. They are pretty helpful you might call and ask them how to clean it they can probably give you directions over the phone. Otherwise try replacing the membranes and valves. They told me there that if there is a small crack in the valve it wont suck. or if the membrane is warn out. I think you can get like 2 valves and 6 membranes for like $10.

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    Don't hesitate to call Medela! Their representatives are WONDERFUL!

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